From design to product development, 
from analysis to reverse engineering, 
from manufacturing to material science and metallurgy,
from identifying plant/process problems to developing optimal viable solutions for them,
from understanding your specific application needs to contributing to
improving your productivity, and enhancing your profitability
we are one-stop solution providers to your application needs for spares,
replacement parts and standard/custom made components in heat,
wear, abrasion, pressure, sub-zero temperature and corrosion resistant alloys.
We are a “Casting Solutions” company.  

The Company

In 1979, AcmeCast was set up by Prasad along with a team of four 
people in a rented backyard, with an indigenously designed, developed 
and manufactured arc furnace. AcmeCast has grown organically and is 
today India's leading manufacturer of steel, stainless steel, high alloy 
and super alloy castings and fully finished custom made components.
In 1990, working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), Inalsa 
Limited and Richardson & Cruddas India (1972) Limited (a division of 
Bharat Yantra Nigam, India), Prasad pioneered the development of 
corrosion resistant stainless steel (18/8) hand pump cylinder components 
of India Mark-I, II, III, and Extra Deep Well (Village Level Operative 
Maintenance - VLOM Type) hand pumps, to replace the corroding brass 
alloy material. Stainless steel is far more superior alloy for these pumps 
compared to pumps with brass cylinder components and galvanized-mild 
steel and cast-iron body, that are susceptible to corrosion, have a 
shorter operating life and run potential risk of health hazard upon 
corrosion. AcmeCast is a manufacturer supplier to all the existing OEM's 
exporters in India and candidly is the only manufacturer, of critical parts 
of the India Mark stainless steel hand pumps in India as well as in South 
East Asia. These pumps are exported through UNICEF, WHO and NGO's 
and are installed in more than 30 countries, providing clean safe drinking water to millions of people. All these years, Prasad has led the team on this philanthropic project and achieved on time deliveries. Strikingly no failures of these pumps parts have been reported during its service to date, in spite of, varying ground water chemistry and operating conditions worldwide. A new simple design and easy to operate positive displacement piston pump, in corrosion resistant stainless steel is presently at developmental stage. It is expected to undergo testing after
manufacturing the prototype in 2002.
In 1995, Acme Alloys Private Limited was incorporated as Acme's 
initiative towards direct exporting after having served the international 
markets for more than five years. Prasad heads the team as the 
chairman and chief metallurgist of the company.
During the Indo-Pakistan Kargil war in April-June 1999, Prasad with his 
team assiduously, in haste developed replacement parts for the Swedish 
made Bofors guns. The cannon lever used to fail due to thermal shock 
and thermal fatigue at the high altitude mountains having subzero 
ambient temperatures. Forty to fifty shells fired each minute raised the 
cannon's inside barrel temperatures to above 300°C, resulting in a 
fracture failure of the shell locking lever, rendering the gun unfit for use. 
AcmeCast manufactured the cannon locking levers in heat resistant cast 
nickel alloy, which outperformed the original Swedish gun manufacturer's 
alloy and the part performed successfully thereafter. He was lately 
invited by the Ministry of Defense to develop replacement parts for 
defense equipment and welcomed AcmeCast to be a design, development 
and manufacturer supplier (DDMS) to the Indian defense under the 
recently initiated, private Indian, manufacturer supplier program. In 
addition, earlier AcmeCast/Acme Alloys manufactured cast cobalt alloy 
for magnetic compasses used for navigation in Indian Navy and Aircraft 
Turbine Fuel (ATF) Re-fueller replacement parts and instant couplings for 
the Indian Air Force.
In January 2001, the management decided Acme Alloys Private Limited 
to be a 100% export business division of the parent company, AcmeCast. 
The team envisages making Acme Alloys, India's # 1 exporter of 
stainless steel, high alloy and super alloy steel cast component 
manufacturer by 2010 building a strong market share in the America's 
and the European Union.

Sarju Prasad                          
BSc Honors (Physics) BE (Metallurgical Engineering) REC Rourkela India 
Chairman & Chief Metallurgist
Prasad after completing his Bachelors in Science with honors in Physics 
from Ranchi University (India), further received Bachelors Degree in 
Metallurgical Engineering. In 1969, after graduating amongst the second 
batch of metallurgical engineers from Regional Engineering College at 
Rourkela (Orrisa) India, Prasad joined as a metallurgist, at the ball 
bearing manufacturing plant of National Bearing Corporation (NBC), 
Jaipur, India (part of the Birla Group, National Engineering Industries 
Limited). In 1972, he was appointed as the project manager of Rohtas 
Industries Limited (RIL) in Bihar. He later joined Metal Forgings Private 
Limited, New Delhi as a works manager and technical executive in 1973. 
From 1973 to 1979, Metal Forgings, under his leadership became India's 
number one- steel, alloy steel and specialty-steel forging plant. In 1979, 
he quitted the job and endeavored his entrepreneurial effort to set up 
his steel casting business, AcmeCast. He brings to Acme Alloys more 
than thirty years of successful experience in forgings, castings and high 
alloy metallurgy.

Vishal Kumar                      
BE Honors (Mechanical Engineering) MBA (Bradford) England MAISE (USA) MASM (USA) 
Managing Director & Head-Manufacturing
It's now more than fourteen years that Vishal has been associated with 
the parent company, Acme Cast, where he today heads its manufacturing 
and marketing operations. Can manufacturing and marketing coexist? 
Yes! Well, that's Vishal's forte. Acme Alloys is a solutions company rather 
than just a jobbing foundry, he says. He joined AcmeCast as a summer 
trainee and ended up being assistant works manager after receiving his 
Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors from 
Mangalore University, India. 

He left AcmeCast and went to England to pursue his MBA at the 
University of Bradford Management Center now Bradford School of 
Management. He maintained excellent academic record throughout and 
won several awards on the program. One of the key awards was the 
3i-Venture Capital Award for being the best student in Business Planning 
and Strategy, and other was the SABIC/Unilever award for being the best 
student in Total Quality Management (TQM) at the school, which is also 
the European Center for Total Quality Management. After consulting 
assignments with Unilever Plc and ICI Plc, Vishal joined Cummins Engine 
Company, Inc., at turbocharger manufacturing plant in England. 

He quitted Cummins and returned to India in 1998. Currently, he leads a 
strong professional team at Acme Alloys of over fifty people which is also 
working towards setting up a new plant that is planned to be a 
non-ferrous as well as ferrous, dedicated investment casting, fully 
finished component manufacturing facility. The new plant is planned to 
come up into production in 2004-2005 while the existing facility will deal 
with smaller components manufacturing. 
His current areas of research and product development include-high alloy 
ferrous physical metallurgy, solidification processing, directional 
solidification of castings, solid state phase transformations, heat 
treatment of nickel and cobalt alloys, and stainless steel and high alloy 
investment castings. He heads the industrial marketing team in 
developing solutions for the customer's application needs, reverse 
engineering and manufacturing of replacement parts for plants and 
process industries. Vishal is also a professional practicing member of the 
Association of Iron and Steel Engineers, Pittsburgh and the American 
Society of Metals International, Ohio.