Engineering, Materials & Metallurgical Consulting
Manufacturing processes 
Material science and metallurgy 
Recommendations and evaluation of materials, alloys and 
Value Analysis 
Materials testing and metallurgical investigation reports with 
feedback, inference, implications and recommendations 
Reverse engineering-development of parts from the failed 
part/component with or without the availability of the 
engineering part drawing 
Product design, prototype and product development working in 
conjunction with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), 
plants and process industry 
Corrosion engineering 
Failure analysis and prevention 
Engineering design 
Heat treatment and surface engineering 
Alloy design 
Solutions to industrial application problems concerned in areas 
of heat, wear, abrasion, pressure and corrosion resistance
Production and Operations Management- to cut time to market 
of our customers products, reduce plant down times, enhance 
productivity, lower inventories, implementation and application 
of Total Quality Management, Production, Planning and Control